Saturday, November 12, 2016

Introduction to Romans

We begin a trek through the book of Romans today, starting with an overview of this epistle. This is not intended to be a lecture, but a framework for us to better comprehend God’s message to us.

 To get the right understanding from a passage of Scripture, we need to have some knowledge of the historical and biblical context of the passage we are fixin’ to read. There is one over-arching narrative in all of Scripture, from Creation to re-creation, and that story is the gospel narrative – Creator God revealing Himself as such, contrasting His holiness with our sin, promising and providing a redeemer to reconcile sinful men to Himself and to ultimately make His home with us.

While not every passage in the Bible is part of the gospel, the tale of our Redeemer is the central focus of the whole of Scripture and every message taught from it must point to Christ. Further, one must determine the nature of the communication: is it historical narrative, prophecy, poetry, instruction? And we must know the audience of the passage and how we relate to them. Instructions written to those in the Mosaic Covenant have something to teach us, but not necessarily the same points or application as intended for them. The covenant you are in helps determine how to apply Scripture. Christians are in the New Covenant, not the Old one.

This message can be listened to at this link.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Evangelism is NOT ...

Evangelism is a hot topic in some Christian circles and an ignored topic in others. Confusion is commonplace and as with most problems within the local church, it’s my belief that ignorance of the Bible coupled with blind faith in traditions is the cause. At the root of each of these methods is the lack of trust in the Word of God. Each of these has pragmatic thinking at its foundation. They were each developed to answer the question: How can I get a response from the sinner? How did so many Christians and so many churches get these ideas? You can listen to this message here.